Building Outstanding Managers

Providing the tools and techniques for building outstanding store and area managers

We believe that your store managers are the key to a successful retail outlet and great area managers have the ability to get the best out of their store managers. Our approach is to focus our consulting and training on these key people. While we do undertake training of frontline staff, we believe this is often a waste unless your store managers are trained in how to follow up and support the training.

Working with you we review the key techniques that store managers need to use to improve their own team members service and sales processes. We also introduce simple sales techniques that result in immediate increases back on the job.

In our first 3 sales activities executed across our network of stores, the focus line selected in each case achieved an average 120 % lift in sales in comparison to a standard promotional line displayed on floor. As a result we rolled out the program through all our liquor stores in Vic and NSW. The program continues to provide excellent sales increases and has been integrated into our daily work practises. This has seen a continued increase in sales across all of our stores.

-Karl Loh, Liquor General Manager, Ritchies Pty Ltd

Our focus is to provide simple tools that your store managers can use on the job to reinforce the training they have learnt. The tools are developed by spending time in your business so they are focussed on your service standards, sales processes and drive your KPI’s.

We introduce these tools to your store and area managers during the training and ensure that participants have a clear understanding of how these work and how to use them with their team. This is reinforced via activities and practise during the training sessions.

It is critical that your area managers attend the training as it is their ongoing follow up that ensures your store managers put in place the techniques they have learnt as well as ensuring the tools provided are used on an ongoing basis.

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