Celebrating 21 years of helping retailers improve their service and sales.
The Retail Solution
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Roger Simpson is regularly consulted by leading media outlets to provide his thoughts and opinions on matters relating to the forever changing landscape of Retail within Australia.
If you wish to interview or call on Roger for inclusion in your editorial pieces, please use the contact form located here to establish contact.

In this groundbreaking book for retail business leaders, you’ll discover:
  • What makes a retail experience good or bad (is it people, product, or something else?)
  • The true story behind key performance indicators (they’re not as simple as you may think)
  • What’s involved in “getting it right” with customer service (you can’t rely on second chances!)
  • The realities of today’s retail environment (are you prepared for it and what’s ahead?)
  • Is staff training the best use of your time? (the answer may surprise you)

Looking for an expert retail consulting service? Ready to increase your sales?
The Retail Solution is an independently owned and operated Australian company focused on helping business owners maximise the potential of their team, and therefore increase their business turnover.
Headed by Roger Simpson, who himself has decades of experience both within Australia and abroad, the Retail Solution has been providing expert advice and training across all manner of retailers.
Engaging the services of The Retail Solution is Step 1 in your quest to increase productivity, staff retention and profit.

21+ Years Consulting

Over 30,000 People Trained

Over 38 Industries Assisted

Training in 20+ Countries

Consulting Services

At The Retail Solution we believe retail service can be turned around and sales can grow providing a business has their focus in the right place. As retail experts we work with clients to provide practical and customised solutions.

We spend time in your business reviewing your service offer and helping you fine tune this so it represents what both your company and your customers want. We believe if you deliver what your customer wants (and more), they are highly likely to return.


Training Services

Continuously developing your team’s customer service and sales skills is the key to building and maintaining a high-performance business which is essential in today’s ultra-competitive retail landscape. An investment in these skills is essential if you want your team members to maximise every interaction with your valued customers.

However, we believe it starts at least one step back from this and that’s with your Area Managers and Store Managers. If they don’t have the critical coaching skills to identify and help each team member to improve then no amount of training will work effectively.


4 Problems Affecting Most Retailers

1) Retailers struggle to hire and retain the right staff

We provide training to managers on how to recruit the right staff with the right attitude.

  • Hire for Attitude

2) Training usually only happens during induction

We train managers how to be effective trainers of their staff so they can provide ongoing training to all staff.

  • Why Training is Important

3) Staff are pretty poor at up-selling

We train staff and managers in the simple techniques to dramatically increase sales off the counter and the floor.

  • Selling More From the Counter

4) Managers are poor at providing feedback to their staff

We train managers how to observe and give effective and quick feedback in the store to improve and maintain high performance.

  • How to Provide Effective Feedback

Leshelle Cramer,
GM Organisational Development & Training,
The Just Group
“We have continued to use Roger’s training expertise over the past 10 years, because he knows retail, our business and speaks our language.
Our Regional and Store Managers respond extremely well to Roger’s training workshops, as they are interactive and ‘hands on’ and the coaching model he introduces is practical and can be easily applied on the shop floor to drive improved team performance.”
Why Choose The Retail Solution?
Roger has worked with us in excess of 10 years and his passion for customer service and giving sales teams a clear pathway for success comes through clearly.”
Gavin Culmsee, General Manager, Bedshed Franchising
The famous Beechworth Bakery group now has 8 bakeries throughout country Victoria and has worked with The Retail Solution since 2000. Tom O’Toole founder of the group, says, “Over the years, Roger has helped my entire team, from my top managers to the bakers and cleaners, but most of all my frontline people.”
Tom O’Toole, Founder, Beechworth Bakery Group
Roger’s training and coaching provides a much needed blueprint for all retailers to get the best performance from their teams – he’s hands on and provides practical ideas to achieving sales growth.”
Rod Laycock, CEO, Civic Managed Services