Will Black Friday and Cyber Monday smash sales records this year? (2CC)


Traditionally Black Friday and Cyber Monday are huge in the US, happening just after Thanksgiving, they’re a perfect time for US shoppers to spend up large for Xmas. And these two online events (along with Amazon Prime and Click Frenzy) have started to take off in Australia.

Black Friday web searches have grown a whopping 309% since 2014 and now the vast majority of Aussie retailers are involved – both online and with matching in-store sales to draw shoppers away from their devices. Experts are predicting sales to grow to $5 billion up from last year’s figure of $3.9 billion.

With online sales growing at a much faster rate due to COVID fears and store closures, expect these two online events, that often run for well over a week, to smash last year’s sales results.

In this interview, the second of three I did on this topic, this time with 2CC’s Stephen Cenatiempo, we discuss the impact of these online events on traditional retailers.