To click or brick on Boxing Day?


For the last few years, customers have gone to bed early on Christmas Day so they could ensure an early start to grab the massive bargains offered on Boxing Day. However this trend may soon change with online retailers, particularly Amazon, looking to take a big slice of the action. Coupled with retailers who are being forced to offer massive discounts to draw customers in even before Christmas Day, will the Boxing Day crowds still be queuing up outside waiting for the doors to open?

It’s the big retailers such as DJ’s and Myer, Christmas wish that they will!

Roger discusses with Tony McManus of Perth’s 6PR the challenges bricks and mortar retailers face to retain their customers on boxing day due to the growth of online shopping. What will happen with Amazon launching just before Xmas? Is the tradition over or will customers still support bricks and mortar stores?

Find out how discounting before Xmas is affecting retailers.