The Millennials and their Constant Connectivity

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I’m sure it will come as no surprise that millennials (the generation born between 1977 – 1995) have grown up and are so used to technology it has become a big part of their life. In fact take away their mobile phone and they’d struggle to survive for a day!!

I see lots of young people who seem to be glued to their phones, walking down the street, at work and at home. They are constantly texting, tweeting, Instagraming, Pinteresting and Facebooking. Being a slower adopter of technology (and a baby boomer) I am always amazed at how technology is changing our lives – constantly.

I came across this very interesting infographic recently and thought it would be well worth sharing. Some of the research is fascinating and not the fact that 32% of 18 – 24 year olds use their phone in the bathroom!! It’s the research that looks at how brand loyal millennials are and the fact that 47% are introduced to a brand via someone else’s opinion on social media.  

We live in an ever changing landscape where technology will be a big part of our lives, so we can probably learn a thing or two from the younger generation!!

Hope you find the infographic useful.

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