Retail Reset

Retail has certainly had a tough start to the year, bushfires along with Covid 19 have caused major disruptions. With a large number of stores closing during the peak of the pandemic and people asked to stay at home, sales have dropped dramatically. However, we are starting to see restrictions being lifted and shops reopening.

Amongst all the uncertainty however, this period has given most retailers a chance to start over when they reopen. Apart from the people side which I’ll cover in a moment, this could include revisiting what stock they carry, how best to merchandise and lay out their stores. This is an unprecedented event that allows retailers to focus more on their business instead of being overwhelmed in having to deal with the many day to day challenges.

In my particular area of expertise, I wanted to focus on the people side of the business. Great retailers have amazing people from the top down and especially at store level where the everyday interaction with customers takes place. I don’t have to remind you how competitive retail has become and now even more so as customers have become a lot more used to purchasing online.

In the PDF that you can download for free, I have offered my advice, suggestions and tips on the following key topics:
1) What does the returning customer need?
2) What makes a great team member?
3) Why training is critical to your success
4) Successful selling strategies
5) Why follow up is critical
6) How to provide effective feedback that works
7) Using KPI’s to drive performance
8) Setting your team up to succeed
9) Maintaining a high performance store.
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I hope you find the information helpful to reignite the passion of your team and it helps make the retail experience great again.


Roger Simpson

CEO, The Retail Solution. The author of “The Ultimate Retail Sales Experience”.

With over 35 years’ industry experience, Roger Simpson is recognized as Australia’s #1 Authority on customer ROI in the retail industry and as a global expert on staff coaching, customer service and selling skills.

Roger’s expertise is maximizing sales and service levels through lifting the performance of people. Over many years, Roger has increased business profits specifically by motivating and guiding owners and staff in their interaction with each other and with customers.

His company has delivered training and coaching programs to retail clients in nearly 30 countries around the world, with most experiencing sales increases well in excess of 100%.

Roger is called on frequently by Customer Service Managers and CEO’s of retail organisations to analyse, design and implement profitable customer service projects. Roger is passionate about creating great customer service and a triple win for retailers, staff and customers.


Why Choose The Retail Solution?
Roger has worked with us over the past 8 years and his passion for customer service and giving sales teams a clear pathway for success comes through clearly.”
Gavin Culmsee, General Manager, Bedshed Franchising
The Beechworth Bakery group has 6 bakeries turning over in excess of $16 million and has been working with The Retail Solution since 2000. Tom O’Toole founder of the Beechworth Bakery chain talks about how The Retail Solution has helped their bakeries improve their sales and service.”
Tom O’Toole, Founder, Beechworth Bakery Group
Roger’s training and coaching provides a much needed blueprint for all retailers to get the best performance from their teams – he’s hands on and provides practical ideas to achieving sales growth.”
Rod Laycock, CEO, Civic Managed Services