Is there a future for Myer and DJ’s? Interview with Ed Phillips


If there wasn’t enough bad news to kick off the year, with the announcement of even more retail chains closing, Myer and DJ’s seem to be sharing the bad news between themselves. Over the past couple of years both of these traditional retail giants have seen ever decreasing sales. Blame it on competition, online, or whatever reason, they have continually shot themselves in the foot with lack of staff being one of the biggest reasons for their demise.

One of Myer’s recent slogans regaled “Find wonderful” when all the customers wanted was to find someone to serve them. It’s a slippery road they are on if they both can’t improve their in store experiences.

In this radio interview with Ed Phillips from Talking Lifestyle, Roger discusses why both DJ’s and Myer are struggling with their sales. Roger explains what factors are impacting these two iconic retailers and how competitors have managed to take sales away.