Here’s How to Accomplish More Than you Thought Possible

Delegating tasks is essential for getting things done, but delegating responsibility allows others to accomplish even more. This approach, according to author and speaker Simon Sinek, is about challenging and developing your team to their fullest potential.

Richard Branson also considers delegation as a critical skill and a major factor in his success. It’s also a key factor that the younger generation look for in their managers – the chance to learn and grow.

Managers often don’t delegate because they believe they can do the job better or it will take too long to train someone. The first belief could be true at the start, but after repetition the team member will often be as good as their manager or even better. There is always short-term pain that will provide lots of long-term gain.

There are many benefits to delegation, such as discovering who can step up, a new set of eyes can have fresh ideas, a whole lot of stuff gets done without you being involved and your team will develop a new set of skills.

To successfully delegate, make a deliberate decision, plan the process, and follow these steps:

1. Identify the best person for the task, considering their skills and availability.
2. Clearly communicate expectations, including the steps and resources needed.
3. Follow up to provide feedback and ensure the task was completed correctly.

By becoming an effective delegator, you can focus on growing your business and reap the many rewards that come with this.

Roger Simpson – CEO, The Retail Solution and Author of “The Ultimate Retail Sales Experience” With over 35 years’ industry experience, Roger Simpson is recognized as Australia’s #1 Authority on customer ROI in the retail industry and as a global expert on staff coaching, customer service, and selling skills.