Customer Service

Please feel free to browse the extensive range of videos we have developed to help you improve your Leadership and coaching skills, learn ways to better increase your sales, improve your customer service or ideas on how to recruit the best possible team.

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  • How To Deal With the Gift of a Complaint
  • The Huge Benefits Of Creating An Amazing Service Culture
  • Why You Need To Maximise In Store Performance
  • To Approach Or Not Approach, That Is The Question
  • To Robot Or Not, That Is The Massive Question
  • Why Evaluating Your Team is Critical to your Customer Service Success
  • Want To Be One of The 7.5 Million Who Lose Their Retail Job?
  • Why Exceeding Customer’s Expectations Has to Come From The Top
  • What’s Behind the Amazing Success of the Monolith that is Amazon?
  • Is It Time for a Rude Tax on Customers?
  • Why getting the basics right is critical to growth
  • How to collaborate to drive great customer service
  • Why bother investing in customer service training?
  • Why 96% of your customer say nothing, but just quietly leave!
  • Why Shoppers Have All The Power
  • This is How We Stop Our Customers From Buying
  • The Threat of Online Gets Bigger and Bigger
  • Why the Human Touch is Still so Important
  • Do You Live by Your Golden Rules?
  • Why Customer Service is the New Marketing
  • Can we Learn About Customer Experience from a Bank?
  • Price not the main factor in driving return customers
  • Houston we have a Customer Service Problem
  • Why I’m in Love with Loyalty
  • What are you doing Differently to ensure your Customers Come Back?
  • Why Customers are saying, "Let’s go Local"