Training Videos

Training Videos – Don’t miss these critical information sources!

Please feel free to browse the extensive range of videos we have developed to help you improve your Leadership and coaching skills, learn ways to better increase your sales, improve your customer service or ideas on how to recruit the best possible team.

The first topic is Leadership and Coaching, scroll down for videos on Increasing sales, Customer service, and Recruitment.

We hope you find the videos educational and helpful.

Leadership & Coaching

  • How 10 Minutes can Make or Break your Day
  • Richard Branson’s No Virgin When it Comes to Delegation
  • Why We Set Our Leaders Up to Fail and What to Do About It
  • 5 Top leadership quotes from Leadership Guru Simon Sinek
  • Shock, horror Gen Y’s are taking over the Workplace
  • Why evaluating your team regularly, is critical to performance improvement
  • It’s a feedback desert out there
  • Why your Best Employees are Leaving you and What to do About it.
  • Help! How do I Motivate my Team?
  • Here are two simple techniques that will improve your business
  • How to Build the Trust of Your Team
  • Want to Know How to Better Engage your Staff?
  • Why You Can’t Ignore Poor Performance
  • Four Hot Tips to Increase Your Team’s Engagement
  • Top CEO’s Share their Tips for Success
  • How To Be An Amazing Leader
  • 6 Ideas on How to Motivate your Team
  • Stop Telling Me What To Do!
  • 3 Simple lessons from a very Interesting retailer
  • The magic art of giving feedback
  • Want to get more done than you believe possible - here’s how
  • Why leaders need to lead with “We” instead of “I”?
  • How to provide effective feedback to your team that gets results
  • Managers need to be great role models

Increasing Sales

  • The Secret to Selling More – Know Your Numbers and Use Them
  • Training Linked to Boosting Sales – Awesome!!
  • Why Upselling in your stores is probably not working
  • How to Increase Average Sale and Items per Customer – It's Actually In your Hands
  • An Inside Look at One Client’s Sales Success
  • How You Can Increase Your Sales - It's Within Your Reach

Customer Service

  • Why Customers are saying, "Let’s go Local"
  • What are you doing Differently to ensure your Customers Come Back?
  • Why I’m in Love with Loyalty
  • Houston we have a Customer Service Problem
  • Price not the main factor in driving return customers
  • Can we Learn About Customer Experience from a Bank?
  • Why Customer Service is the New Marketing
  • Secrets from One of the Worlds Best - Zappos
  • Do You Live by Your Golden Rules?
  • Why the Human Touch is Still so Important
  • The Threat of Online Gets Bigger and Bigger
  • This is How We Stop Our Customers From Buying
  • Why Shoppers Have All The Power
  • Why 96% of your customer say nothing, but just quietly leave!
  • Why bother investing in customer service training?
  • How to collaborate to drive great customer service


  • Mark Zuckerberg’s One Rule for Hiring the Best Employees
  • Recruitment Lesson From the World’s Best Airline.
  • To be the Best you have to Hire the Best
  • $20 Billion is a Lot of Money to Burn on Staff Churn
  • How to Design a Job Advertisement for the Ideal Person
  • Why you should hire for Attitude and train the skills
  • Why you should define your teams strengths and weaknesses before recruiting a new team member
  • Why you need a person specification when you recruit new staff
  • How to screen applicants before the interview


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